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We help businesses target, prepare, connect and 
compete in the federal contracting market.
Fewer than 2% of U.S. small businesses are registered as federal contractors, yet the federal government awarded $145B to small businesses in 2021.

That means the average small business federal contractor won $450,000 in federal contracts.
"As a former Senior Federal Acquisition Professional, I understand first-hand how great the need is for high-quality support and guidance for the small business federal contracting community. For this reason, I am giving Federal Contracting Center my highest endorsement"
William Randolph,
Senior Contracting Officer (ret.)
Department of Homeland Security
Federal Contracting Center (“FCC”) is a national provider of federal contracting strategic support to the small business community. Federal Contracting Center (located in West-Central Florida) leverages years of experience in the federal market combined with access to a network of current and former federal contracting professionals to provide practical and effective federal business development guidance and insights. So whether you’re a small business just starting in the federal market or you’ve won millions in federal contracting dollars, Federal Contracting Center will provide valuable insights to help you achieve outstanding results in the federal contracting market.
Small business is not just our target demographic; small business is our purpose. Small businesses are the engine of a more efficient, more competitive capitalist market. Small businesses represent the kind of innovation, forward-thinking, and agility so desperately needed by our government to improve outcomes and better leverage taxpayer dollars.
FCC founder, Mike Major, experienced first-hand the frustrations and setbacks experienced by so many small business entrepreneurs that attempt to compete in the federal contracting arena. As a result, Mr. Major endeavored to leverage his medical supply chain to assist federal agencies in securing desperately needed Personal; Protective Equipment (“PPE”) during the height of the COVID crisis. During this effort, Mr. Major came to understand how disjointed and challenging the federal acquisition environment can be for a typical small business.
Most small businesses that enter the federal contracting market fail to secure revenue from the government. As a result, the industry is challenging to learn and comprehend. While free information about federal contracting marketing abounds on the internet, understanding what information to accept and prioritize takes time and effort. Finding expert guidance that will provide quality direction based on knowledge and skill can take time and effort. Further, most small businesses traditionally need more time, money, and resources to overcome these challenges. FCC strives to reduce cost, reduce time and improve competitiveness for its customers by making the process of “learning, understanding, and doing” in the federal market more efficient, less costly, and more effective. FCC provides education for the things a small business must do itself, support for the tasks the small business should outsource, and guidance to ensure the customer is consistently moving toward competitiveness in the federal arena.
FCC provides full registration support, federal profile optimization, Capability Statement design, website and online presence support, federal market research, professional consulting, proposal response support, GSA and certification processing, negotiation, and fractional business development outsourced talent. These are the critical tools and support most small businesses need to compete effectively in the federal contracting market.
According to the Small Business Administration, the average small business spends $80,000 to $130,000 and up to two years pursuing their first federal award. FCC believes improved education, enhanced targeting, more acute support, and a focus on results-oriented guidance can dramatically reduce costs and improve outcomes for small business federal contractors. For example, many small business federal contractors are encouraged to pursue contracting assets such as certifications (including 8(a), HUBZone, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned, Veteran-Owned, and Woman-Owned) or Master Contracting Agreements (such as a GSA Schedule) without understanding its relevance for their industry or how to monetize the asset. Alternatively, FCC encourages customers to conduct in-depth market research to understand better who their target audience is in the federal market and then determine how they buy (including evaluating the relevance of certifications and GSA Schedule).
FCC’s mission is to arm every small business with the knowledge, tools, and strategy required to compete effectively in the federal contracting market. FCC plans to provide on-demand learning and sophisticated technology tools and continuously add Subject Matter Experts to the leadership team to supply everything a small business needs (and nothing they don’t) to compete effectively in the federal contracting arena.
One of the key areas that FCC focuses on is helping small businesses to maximize their chances of being selected for federal contracts. We understand that the federal contracting process can be challenging and that many small businesses struggle to get noticed by federal buyers. To help small businesses overcome these challenges, FCC provides a range of services designed to improve the quality of their federal registrations, increase their visibility in the federal marketplace, and help them to stand out from the competition.
One of the most important things that small businesses can do to increase their chances of winning federal contracts is to ensure that their registrations are accurate, complete, and up-to-date. FCC can help businesses to optimize their registrations, making sure that they include all of the relevant information that federal buyers are looking for and that they are presented in a clear and professional manner.
Another critical area that FCC focuses on is helping small businesses to create effective capabilities statements. A capabilities statement is a document that outlines a business's capabilities and qualifications, and it is often used by federal buyers to evaluate the qualifications of potential contractors. FCC can help businesses to design and write effective capabilities statements that showcase their strengths and set them apart from the competition.
In addition to these services, FCC also provides support in other key areas such as federal market research, proposal response, and GSA and certification processing. By providing businesses with the support they need in these areas, FCC helps them to identify new opportunities, develop effective strategies for winning contracts, and successfully navigate the federal contracting process.
Ultimately, the goal of FCC is to empower small businesses to succeed in the federal contracting market. By providing businesses with the knowledge, skills, and support they need to navigate the complex world of federal contracting, we help them to find new and innovative ways to win contracts and grow their businesses. So whether you’re just starting in the federal market or you’re looking to take your business to the next level, FCC can provide you with the support you need to achieve outstanding results in the federal contracting market.
How We Help
Imagine being able to clearly map out your strategy to identify your ideal customers in the federal market, know exactly what they are looking for from your business, know how to best connect with them, and be in a position to respond to a request for the exact type of work you specialize in...and being able to repeat the process at scale.
We Help you Target
We review recent federal spending data to identify your best federal targets.
We Help you Prepare
Based on the preferences of your target audience, we align your federal profile with their "Buying DNA".
We Help you Connect
We teach (and employ) strategies and tactics observed by - and later used by -  a former Federal Contracting Officer turned Federal Contractor.
We Help You Respond
As opportunities become available, we help you build out your response strategy and artifacts.
…At Federal Contracting Center, we believe this strategy will significantly reduce your cost, accelerate your timeline, and increase your odds of success in the federal contracting market. 
  • Successful commercial businesses looking to scale in a new market
  • Established companies seeking to diversify their client base and mitigate the risk of uncertainties in the commercial markets
  • Companies looking to build a plan to win multiple federal government contracts and become established in the federal sector
  •  Firms willing to invest the time, money and resources necessary to build, execute and scale in a new vertical

We will identify your top federal buyers based on spending, small business inclusion, and propensity for offering low competition, low hanging fruit opportunities.
  From SAM and SBA, to Capability Statement Design to GSA or Certification processing - we'll handle each step of your federal market preparation.
You'll leverage the collective experiences of our team of former federal buyers to understand how to build effective relationships in the federal market.
When you are presented with an opportunity to respond to, we'll ensure your submission is responsive, competitive and puts you in a great position to win.
Is the feD market right for me?
  •          Federal Market Snapshot Report          
  •   Federal Readiness Assessment
  • Federal Business Development Plan
  • 100% Refundable or Creditable
what's my next step?
  •            Identify Your Top Federal Buyers
  •           Identify Competitors and Partners
  •     Identify the "Low Hanging Fruit" Opps
  •   Filter and Target Your Data
  • Reach Out With  Custom Email Templates
  • Includes 1 Hour Recorded Coaching Session
i want it all
  •     12-Week Comprehensive Curriculum
  •   Includes 57 Hours of Preparation
  •         Include 21 Hours Video Training
  •    Includes 23 Deliverable
  •       Apply What You Learn in Real Time
  •      Real Time Assistance with Capabilities
  •                                Briefings                              
No matter where you may be on your federal contracting journey, the FCC team is ready and capable of taking your company to the next level in federal contracting.
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Is Your Federal Capability Statement Good Enough?

Are You Missing Information in SAM.gov?
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Success in government contracting requires smart planning and diligent execution... We're here to help!
With over 100+ years combined experience in the federal market in the areas of data analysis, strategic engagement and opportunity response, FCC is your full-service solution for federal success.
  • Our team has won contracts
  • Our team has awarded contracts
  • Our team has written winning proposals
  • Our team has worked with nationally recognized federal contractors
  • ​Our team has delivered on federal contracts
  • Our team will help you become competitive in the federal contracting market
The one primary drawback to having a talented team is that demand of our time outweighs our ability to deliver.

Therefore, we only take on a fixed number of clients

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